Training Technologies

You need a compass and a good guide to meet your destination.

Bob Dickman uses the best technology available.


The Trackman Pro outdoor/indoor unit is the industry's most accurate tool for the measurement of the golf swing and entire flight of the ball from impact to landing while displaying its 3D trajectory in real time. It is the first of its kind to measure the complete path of any shot, ranging from short pitches to 400-yard drives; Trackman Pro pinpoints the landing position with an accuracy of 1 foot at 100 yards. All clubface, swing and ball flight data, from club speed to hang time, is illustrated and delivered in easy to understand, scalable data. We use this data to determine swing tendencies associated with club face, path and angle of attack as well as for club fitting. It is impossible to make changes based on ball flight or video alone. 

KMotion 3D Sensors

Bio-feedback has played an important role in improving the efficiency of movement in athletes. Golf is no different. The system's user-friendly capture, analysis, and training software precisely measures swing efficiency and movement patterns. K-Vest is the Trackman for the body! Bob has the highest level certification in the use of TPI golf biomechanics and K-Vest biomechanics.

  • TPI 3D Software Developed by the Titleist Performance Institute, TPI 3D measures swing efficiency via the kinematic sequence and allows us to compare swing patterns to the world's top PGA and LPGA players. 
  • K-SWING Summary Simple and automated 3D analysis provides user-friendly reporting,comparative PGA/LPGA averages, and one click delivery of real-time training. 
  • Real-Time Feedback Real-time visual and auditory biofeedback can be used to improve every aspect of the golf swing, including set up, backswing, top and impact positions. 

Interactive Frontiers Video Analysis

"Feel isn't real." This is why we believe it is extremely important for all of our students to see themselves on video while working on a swing change. To this end we employ Interactive Frontiers Swing Analysis. Most of the time when a student is trying to make a swing change they feel as if they are making a radical change, but when they look at the video they realize the change is quite small. Many operations are starting to purchase K-motion ,Trackman, and video systems but it will always depend on the education and teaching ability of the instructor. Technology can be an amazing asset depending on the knowledge of the instructor to collect the data, interpret the findings, and create an efficient program for change based on the data. Unfortunately most programs add technology to their operation without knowing the most effective way to use it as a diagnostic tool to help golfers improve. Instead it becomes a marketing tool or adds confusion to an already challenging game. Adding high speed video analysis to Trackman and K-motion is the best use for all three pieces of equipment in the hands of an instructor who has the competence and experience to use the right tool for the job. 

GolfZon Simulator

The #1 Golf Simulator Worldwide with 50 Million rounds played annually.  Accurate Feedback and on course evaluation provides for swing adjustments and golf course situational training.. 

  • Accurate Measurements of Club Data
  • Accurate Measurement of Shot Performance. 
  • Immediate Video Feedback
  • Immediate Clubface location on hit 
  • Adjustable slope lies 
  • Rough lies 
  • Sand Lies 
  • Short game Performance Training.

Titleist Performance Institute Fitness Evaluation

Fitness is invaluable in terms of injury prevention and game improvement. As a certified Level 3 Golf Professional and Level 3 Junior Golf Coach, Bob has been schooled in equating swing tendencies and deficiencies to physical traits in a player. TPI has developed an extensive fitness evaluation that Bob has uses to screen a golfer and decide which individual program or Fitness Team member to recommend the student. Bob work sextensively with John McNulty, CEO of Synergy Sports and Fitness as well as a host of other medical and trainers to employ highly explosive training techniques and physical well being programs to players of all age and abilities.

Bodi Trak

1. EVERY MOVE THE GOLFER MAKES WITH THEIR BODY OR THE CLUB IS REFLECTED IN HOW THEY USE THE GROUND. While energy does not ‘come from’ the ground, we interact with it in order to make movements with our body or the club. As a result, any of these movements are ‘reflected’ in our interaction with the ground – our ground mechanics. 

2. CHANGING HOW WE USE THE GROUND CAN DELIVER IMMEDIATE CHANGES TO HOW THE BODY (AND THE CLUB) MOVES. Given concept (1), making (even minor) adjustments to our ground mechanics will have an immediate impact on movements by the rest of the body/club system. This is why changes to force & pressure dynamics have such a big impact on golf performance. 


The analysis of the interaction between a person and the ground. Ground mechanics concerns the amount and location of force applied by a person to the ground, and how they change over the course of a movement. Ground mechanics can relate to “footwork,” however footwork relates to the movement of the foot in space. Through force and pressure analysis, we know kinetic changes often occur without the feet physically changing their position