Junior Golf

For over 35 years Bob’s junior programs  have become a “hot bed”  for achievement because of  his  endeavor to build programs that provide an  optimal learning and training environment for juniors. Junior golfers are not just small golfers and must be taught much differently than adults. For this reason Bob’s  sessions are taught only by the “person whose name is on the door” and apply age appropriate skill development and functional movement skills during these sessions.
Some of the Reasons Robert Dickman Golf is a “hot-bed” for  junior development 

Adherence to the Growth Velocity Curve

During a child’s development there are different age windows of opportunity to apply various aspects of training.  For instance, puberty is termed a speed window because it is the biological time of development when speed training must be emphasized.  It is very difficult to work on new skill development during this phase.  Whatever speed a child leaves puberty with is their speed for life. So during this developmental age we put a heavy emphasis on speed development.


Use of 3D Motion to Develop Swing Efficiency

If you go to the PGA Tour you will see 150 different swings but further study will show they have very similar swing efficiency.  We build on players strengths to create a swing that is right for them with similar swing efficiency to the best players in the world.  The only way to capture and train this is with 3D Motion Capture supplied by our K-Vest system.


Trackman 4

The Trackman 4 outdoor/indoor unit is the industry's most accurate tool for the measurement of the golf swing. The entire flight of the ball from impact to landing is captured while displaying its 3D trajectory in real time. It is the first of its kind to measure the complete path of any shot, ranging from short pitches to 300-yard drives; Trackman Pro pinpoints the landing position with an accuracy of 1 foot at 100 yards. All club face, swing and ball flight data, from club speed to hang time, is illustrated and delivered in easy to understand, scalable data.


High-tech Swing Analysis

We utilize a video analysis system that allows the teacher to film a student's swing and identify subtle movement patterns and illustrate them to each student.  Session can be recorded  and sent with via email to the student for future reference or to the parents so that everyone is on the same page.


Utilization of Block and Random Practice

It is our desire to maximize your child’s ability on the golf course, not just make them great range players. To this end we separate our training session into block and random practice. Block practice is designed to learn a skill. According to motor learning professionals only 3% of this skill will transfer to the golf course using block practice.  It is for this reason this reason that our academy employs random practice into our daily routines.  The more skilled a player becomes, the more time spent on random practice.  Random practice allows for 90% of a skill to be transferred to the course.


Course Management 101 to Graduate School

From a very young age when a student can hardly make contact with the ball creative drills are instituted to teach playing the game of golf and manage the course.  As a student progresses a significant amount of time is spent training and competing on the golf course in one on one or very small groups under the watchful eye of Bob. Key components of the round are noted by Bob and worked on during practice sessions.


Robert Dickman Summer  Golf Performance Academy

program information coming soon

It is much more valuable to become an athlete first and a golfer second.  In order to develop this athleticism Bob has created  programs that he teaches with his various locations throughout the year. . These programs are specifically designed to be the cornerstone of youth development and have developed some of the top tour professionals in the world.  Truly the classes are the single best athletic endeavor your child can enroll in to exploit their athleticism and love for golf at a young age. Please click on the link below. http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/tpigreg-264945-parentnightvideo-tpi-junior-golf-parent-workshop-sports-ppt-powerpoint/



2020 Junior Athletes
Developmental ages 6-12

Rates & Services

1 Hour Lesson


½ Hour Lesson


• Small Groups Up to 4 Juniors are Available to Match your Schedule at $10 extra per Child

Junior Package - $500 ( Athlete's 6 -12 years old)

  • 6 - 45 minute sessions of Private instruction
  • Includes 15 minutes of Independent Study
  • Fundamental Movement Assessment
  • Golf Skills Evaluation: Driving, Iron Play, Chipping, Pitching, Bunker Play, Putting, Course Management, Etiquette
Illinois State Junior Champion; Dex Reese


Why Bob Dickman:
  • 35 years of Experience Developing Top Performing Athletes
  • Bob Demonstrates Integrity Beyond Approach
  • Bob Makes Golf a Fun Activity
  • Bob Allows Students to Develop Skills Necessary for Success
  • Bob will Build Character the Student
  • Bob will Become Coach, Teacher and Friend
  • Bob Applies Age Appropriate Coaching
  • Bob Incorporates the Latest Technologies
  • Bob Openly Communicates with Parents and Students
  • Bob Has a Long Proven Track Record


Expectations of Athletes

Athletes selected to participate in LTAD programs are expected:

  • To be coachable.
  • To conduct themselves in a sportsman like manner at all times.
  • To respect the efforts of parents/ guardians, coaches, golf officials, facility staff, and sponsors at all times.
  • To learn the rules of golf and play by them.
  • To respectfully question anything they do not understand
  • Open communication

Effective Partnership With Parents

Without question, every parent who looks to enroll their child in a program such as this desires the absolute best for them. The single most influential factor in the child’s development is the role the parent plays in nurturing a love for their child and love for the sport. Contrary to this, the most common reason why kids quit sports is “the ride home”. Well intended comments at the wrong time in the wrong way may destroy everything your child and I work have worked on. This can occur during training sessions, a tournament, or a playing round. With this in mind the following recommendations for parents are:

  • Allow your child to have fun playing golf, it is a long journey
  • No communication during lessons or while playing in tournaments
  • Reinforcement of knowledge being learned
  • Communicate with child using the “sandwich method” of praise constructive comment, praise
A personal discussion with student and parents is required to enroll in the programs.

CONTACT BOB at 847.877.7779
Email Bob@RobertDickmanGolf.com.