GRAA Top 100 Growth of the Game Teaching Professional – Robert Dickman, PGA


"Bob Dickman is the only instructor in the country I have wanted to teach me, as a former Tournament Player and now my daughter who is an aspiring junior player. Bob's knowledge of the golf swing is leap years ahead of most teaching professionals and his devotion to his students is priceless. Anyone who has the privilege of working on their golf game with Bob will reach new heights in the mastery of the game and their knowledge of the swing as it applies to the individual"  ~ Robbie Ferreri- LPGA tour player and LPGA member, http://www.eshpartners.com/ 

"At the beginning of 2022, I was a 27-handicap shooting in the 100’s hoping to break into the 90’s on a good day. I decided to get serious about my golf game and set-up a lesson with Bob. Almost two years later, I am a 13 handicap and broke 80 for the first time in my life – which, by the way is 72 years young. Bob is a big part of my success. I am one of those golfers who needs a picture – Bob paints that picture for me. I value both his instruction and friendship.” - Dr. Craig Schilling

“Bob helped me not only to be able to identify the faults in my swing but gave me the power to know what causes them.  The ability to self correct is monumental in becoming a consistent performer on the course.”  ~ Dex Reese-  2009 Illinois State Junior Champion

“What I appreciate about Bob Dickman’s teaching is that he has a specific plan for each of his students.  Bob’s initial goal for my son was to maximize his distance. In his second year of working with Bob my son consistently out drove his competitor’s with his 3-wood, and as a 12 year old recorded his first hole-in-one, on a 309-yard par-4!” ~ Bill Dutkowski- father of Alec Dutkowski, 2009 Illinois State U.S. Kids Champion

“Bob Dickman possesses a unique gift of being able to analyze my swing. His practice tips and drills help me get on track quickly.  Bob truly cares about improving my game.” ~ Scott Sanderson, Chicago Cubs, Retired. Current  Celebrity Players Tour Member

"Bob is a fantastic instructor.  I think his greatest asset is his versatility.  He can mold a lesson around the way I will understand the swing change the best.  If I'm feeling more technical and want to get in depth into the video, we can focus on the video.  If I'm feeling more of an athletic movement in my swing, he can work with that sensation also.  He can really cater his style to each individual student's needs.  That is a huge asset."  ~ Charlie Waddell, Patriot League Player of the Year 2006, Hooters Tour Exempt Player 2009