Specialized Services

Trackman Practice $75

Ball flight lies! In order to truly monitor ones practice periodic use of the trackman during practice sessions is a necessity. This service is limited to an agreed upon time at either location. A must for any golfer.

Trackman Combine $100

Considered the “Gold Standard” of golf game assessment. The combine is a standardized test that takes a player through a series of shots and grades them according to distance control and direction. “How good are you?” The Trackman combine is the only objective way to assess your ability. For more details click on the Trackman combine link and trackman.dk.

Driver Training $180

How many fairways do you hit during a round of golf? How far do you REALLY hit your driver? What is your carry distance with the driver? Are you maximizing your efficiency with your driver or are you LOOSING distance? Do you really need a new driver (a lot of the times the answer is NO)? With the help of Trackman and years of working with some of the best minds in golf, I can objectively assess your driver and driver swing and lead you in the proper direction TODAY to become a longer and more consistent driver of the golf ball.

Wedge Training $180

Wedge play is a critical area to improve if the goal is to start scoring better. During the wedge testing we will look at your carry distances for all of your wedges, your technique for all of your partial shots into the greens, and all the little shots around the greens. Every player can improve their scoring opportunities TODAY if they understand how to make their wedges scoring weapons!

Award Winning Exclusive Titleist Club Fitting $150 per hour

Trust your fit to no other.
See our fitting page for more details!