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Titleist PGA Tour Van Visits Robert Dickman Golf Academy

Launches 2021 T Series Irons

The Titleist PGA Tour Van and Fitting crew took a four-day break from the PGA Tour and spent it with Robert Dickman Golf ,fitting their Next Gen Player Development Program. The Titleist Next Gen Player Development Program is comprised of the best amateurs in the world who Titleist supports because they are believed to be the next stars on the PGA and LPGA Tours. This same fitting crew fits and provides support for the very top names in golf daily on the PGA Tour.

The best players are fit in the exact same way that fitting is done at the Robert Dickman Golf Academy. Although the six-person crew and I used 6 Trackman units and fit dozens of players each day, the Trackman is only a tool used. Fitting is an art based on human interaction with the student. A computer does not hit the ball, you do. Many times, the players’ coach was present to interact exactly what the player is trying to accomplish with the new equipment. For this reason, the only way you can insure a fit for you is with your coach present.

Fortunate for you, I am both your coach and have been a top 100 Global Club Fitter for Titleist 5 times and on the original Titleist Custom Club Fitting Board of Directors.

I cannot wait to show you and fit you in the new equipment you are hearing so much about recently . Titleist offers 7 different lines of irons and 3 lines of Drivers and Metals to fit players of all skill levels and needs. They also have by far the broadest assortment of custom shaft offerings (the vast majority with no up charge) in the industry. Although they have the best equipment for all skill levels, Team Titleist is tour verified as #1 in all categories on the PGA Tour and other tours.

  • #1 Ball on Tour (80% PGA 88% LPGA Marathon Classic count)
  • #1 Driver on Tour
  • #1 Fairway Metal on Tour
  • #1 Hybrid on Tour
  • #1 Utility Club on Tour
  • #1 Iron on Tour
  • #1 Wedge on Tour
  • #1 Putter on Tour

Source: 2021 John Deere Classic club count

T-Series irons are designed to provide the precise control any player needs to score lower. From form to feel to function, every aspect is crafted towards you being able to feel on top of your game from your first iron of the day to your last.

Every T-Series iron is designed for maximum performance in the three key factors for any approach: Distance, Dispersion and Angle of Descent.

Why entrust your equipment needs to Robert Dickman Golf

  • Exclusive Titleist Product
  • #1 Brand in Golf
  • Fit personally by your coach
  • Price match to big box off the rack prices
  • Fit for you personally
  • No fitting charge on August 18th

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