Golf Teaching and Training Services

Robert Dickman
2016 Illinois PGA Teacher of the Year

Private Lesson Rates

1 Hour Private Lesson  (45 Minute personal Instruction followed by 15 minute of performance drills designed by Bob


11/4 Hour Private Lesson    (1 Hour of  Instruction followed by 15 minute of personalized drills designed by Bob)                                  


 2  Hour Private Lesson     (11/2 Hour of  Instruction followed by 15 minute of personalized drills designed by Bob)                                 


1 Hour 2 Person Lesson                                                                                                                                                                             


2 Hour 2 Person Lesson                                                                                                                                                                             


1 Private Junior Lesson  (45 Minute personal instruction followed by 15 minute of performance drills designed by Bob                          


30 Minute Lesson                                                


New Student Assessment  45 minute                 



Individual Performance Programs 

(Save up to 30% and have a compressive personal  plan for implementation and  improvement)

Bronze Program      $550.00                                                   

3  Sessions which includes 45 Minute personal Instruction followed by 15 minute of performance drills designed by Bob

  • Trackman Impact Evaluation     
  • V1 Video Analysis   
  • RDG Physical Assessment  

Silver Program       $1900.00                                              

90 Minute Comprehensive Golf Assessment:  

9  Sessions of Private Instruction which includes 45 Minute personal Instruction followed by 15 minute of performance drills designed by Bob

Trackman Combine Performance Analysis

  • Trackman Impact Evaluation   
  • Performance Program Development    
  • V1 Video Analysis   
  • Equipment Evaluation and/or club fitting  
  • RDG Physical Assessment 
  • RDG pricing on all available products  

Gold Program      $2400.00                                                  

11/2 Hour  Comprehensive Golf Assessment:  

10 90 Minute Comprehensive Private Training Sessions  which includes 1 Hour of  Instruction followed by 30 minute of personalized drills designed by Bob

  • Trackman Impact Evaluation   
  • Performance Program Development    
  • V1 Video Analysis 
  • RDG Physical Assessment  
  • RDG pricing on all available products 
  • RDG Performance Gift

Platinum Program     $4500.00                                                  

11/2 Hour  Comprehensive Golf Assessment:  

  • Trackman Impact Evaluation  
  • Player Interview     
  • V1 Video Analysis   
  • RDG Physical Assessment  
  • Short game skills testing  
  • On Course Skills Assessment and Skill Transference  Assessment 
  • RDG Performance Gift 

30 Sessions of Instruction which includes 45 Minute personal Instruction followed by 15 minute of performance drills designed by Bob 

  • Trackman Impact Evaluation   
  • Performance Program Development    
  • K‐Vest Movement Assessment   
  • Equipment Evaluation and/or club fitting  
  • RDG Physical Assessment  
  • RDG Pricing on all available products 
  • Performance Gift


Bob Dickman’s philosophy is based on challenging the status quo in everything he does. To this end, he will help you build a golf swing that integrates swing style with a players natural movement pattern that produces a swing efficiency that is verifiable. Bob is a long time Level 3 Titleist Performance Institute Golf Professional. More than 40 years of study and practice has enabled Bob to employ teaching methods which have revolutionized the game of golf.

So what does your first golf lesson with Bob Dickman look like?

Golf lessons with Bob begin with a detailed physical screen of your body.  This screen is designed to determine your body's capabilities and limitations relative to the golf swing.  From there Bob evaluates your golf swing under video and/or 3D analysis to look for movement patterns that equate to swing efficiency or deficiencies. .  After Bob screens the body and looks at the efficiency of your golf swing he looks to see how the golf club and golf ball are performing using the Trackman launch monitor. The Trackman gives 22 data points showing what the ball and club are do at impact.

Using this technical data, Bob draws on his 40 years of experience to make changes that optimize the student's power source based on what  the strengths and weaknesses of the student are.  He begins work on making a change by creating a motor pattern based on feel with the student . This change will set off a series of positive movements and swing deficiencies will begin to disappear. Bob's ability to find the true culprits of poor motion and help each student make a positive change is what what differentiates Bob from other golf instructors.

The student then ingrains these changes using a variety of kinesthetic and visual  techniques for the continuation of the lesson. Random skill development  techniques  allow the motor pattern development to transfer to the course are employed later in the lesson.

"Because casual training is the enemy of good golf and proper training breeds peak performance."

 Ten year ago Robert Dickman Golf introduced the concept of coaching golf, distinct from teaching golf. Bob jhas worked hard to combine the two and this combination has made a tremendous difference in bringing your lesson tee swing to the golf course by employing the four steps in Motor Learning:

  1. Cause & Effect – "You’re not shooting the score because you are slicing; in order to fix the slice, we need to…"
  2. Guided Practice – Driver, wedge, Driver, 6-iron, etc.
  3. Training to Play – Creating pressure through simulated bets, Trackman Combines, etc.
  4. Playing.

For those new to motor learning, a typical “Cause and Effect” lesson will transfer only 3% of what was learned on to the golf course. When students take the lesson through all four steps of Motor Learning, 90% of the lesson transfers to the course. This fact is why I try to simulate golf course situations in lessons. This also has been a major reason for the huge successes among Bob's students on the course when it counts.

In the past, Bob offered full coaching, group classes to simulate game situations and coach students through them. We had a lot of fun competing on each mini competition that created the pressure necessary to create a skill transfer to the golf course. When we were hit by the virus, the classes had to be curtailed. Bob had to modify the training environment to accommodate the concept of true motor learning and continued to integrate game situations into lessons. This turned out to be better for everyone, not just limited to the individuals who were able to attend the group classes.

To better serve you, while continuing to achieve the best learning environment on the North Shore, beginning July 15 a typical one-hour lesson with Robert Dickman Golf will be conducted as follows.

  • A player should plan on 1 hour 15 minutes for each lesson slot.
  • The first 15 minutes are for warm up. If a player’s time slot begins at 9:15 they should arrive at 9:00 and use the 15 minutes to stretch and hit balls to warm up. This allows them to work with full vigor during the one-on-one training time. Too much time has been wasted as I wait for a student to warm-up, or the student begins the training without the proper warm-up and thus cannot perform their best. Stay tuned as I outline what a true warm up routine should entail using the Rotex technology and more.
  • Each training session will be 45 minutes with true swing and short game method training.
  • At the end of each training session, I will set up a uniquely designed drill for the student to practice for 15 minutes on their own or with Alec (see below) at a designated spot next to Bob at both Willow Hill and Pine Meadow. There will also be a practice card for you to practice and keep score on during your subsequent practice times away from the academy.

Bottom line… there needs to be a time following a lesson in which a student has time to apply the day’s lesson without someone hovering over them. The result is that you will overlap for 15 minutes with the student just before you and 15 minutes with the student just after your “official” start time. This has already been beta tested with select students and the results are in – I should have done it years ago!

Peak performance combined with challenge is the name of the game. This format will provide great inroads into achieving your overall performance goals. It is not a cookie cutter program; each drill will be handcrafted by me to extract every bit of talent from of you.

I look forward to Robert Dickman Golf teaching this great game to your children’s children. Seriously, I work with a family right now where I teach/coach the fourth generation! My goal is to see all my students hit the ball on the course like I see them hit it on the range, and it is completely doable with the right environment. I seek to provide that environment.



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